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It's A Beautiful Day

Before We Go
American Sixties
It's A Beautiful Day
Jefferson Airplane
Happy Trails
A Prairie Home Companion
Kate Chopin 1850 - 1904
Grace Metalious 1924 - 1964
Trail Of The Hellhound
Otis Redding 1941 - 1967
Jackie DeShannon 1944 -
When You Walk In The Room
In The Country Of Country
From Coast To Coast

Columbia CS 9768, 1969
Produced by David LaFlamme
Engineer: Brian Moss-Myring

David LaFlamme, violin, vocals
Linda LaFlamme, organ, piano, electric piano,
celesta, harpsichord
Hal Wagenet, guitar
Mitchell Holman, bass
Val Fuentes, drums
Pattie Santos, vocals, tambourine, bells, block, gourd
Bruce Steinberg, harmonica on "Hot Summer Day

Track listing:

  • White Bird (Linda LaFlamme-David LaFlamme)
  • Hot Summer Day (Linda LaFlamme-David LaFlamme)
  • Wasted Union Blues (David LaFlamme)
  • Girl With No Eyes (Linda LaFlamme-David LaFlamme)
  • Bombay Calling (Vince Wallace-David LaFlamme)
  • Bulgaria (David LaFlamme)
  • Time Is (David LaFlamme)

It's A Beautiful Day 1969
Columbia CS 9768, 1969

a review by Chaz Hill

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