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A Prairie Home Companion

Before We Go
American Sixties
It's A Beautiful Day
Jefferson Airplane
Happy Trails
A Prairie Home Companion
Kate Chopin 1850 - 1904
Grace Metalious 1924 - 1964
Trail Of The Hellhound
Otis Redding 1941 - 1967
Jackie DeShannon 1944 -
When You Walk In The Room
In The Country Of Country
From Coast To Coast

There are two ways to get to know people well in a short time, one is to work alongside them at a hard and unpleasant job such as cleaning latrines or picking potatoes, and the other way is to tell jokes. Like the one about the grasshopper who comes into the bar and the bartender says,'Hey, we've got a drink named after you.' And the grasshopper says, 'Why would anyone name a drink Bob?' I've heard this joke a hundred times and it's still good."
- Garrison Keillor

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National Geographic.
authored by
Mr. Garrison Keillor,
with photographs by
Mr. Richard Olsenius

a fictitious town in Minnesota,
claimed to have been the
boyhood home of Garrison Keillor,
who reports the News from
Lake Wobegon on the radio show
A Prairie Home Companion

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have this?

Garrison Keillor’s weekly
advice column for writers
and the lovelorn.
Updated every Tuesday

Tim Russell and Sue Scott
and the characters they play
from breaking news in
Washington to the new
donut shop in the strip mall

thousands of jokes from
every corner of the globe

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